2024 Sunflower Health Network Scholarship

Who can apply?

High School and College students, and current employees in the Sunflower Health Network. Click here to see all hospitals in the network.


  • Committed to pursuing their health care career in Kansas
  • Part-time or full-time student in a health care course of study leading to a certificate, degree or credential not currently held. Proof of acceptance into the chosen career program will be required in order to receive the award. Attending a Kansas educational institution, including technical, two- or four-year institution. An exception may be given for an accredited online or out-of-state program if the reason for choosing such an institution is explained in the answer to the goals question
  • Anyone attending a health care program that is accredited by their respective governing body
  • Pre-med and medical students are not eligible
  • Priority will be given to individuals currently working in any Sunflower Health Network hospital, especially a hospital that is licensed for 25 or fewer acute beds

How do I apply?

2024 Scholarship Program Guidance

2024 Scholarship Application

Applications are due March 1, 2024.

What is the Sunflower Health Network?

The Sunflower Health Network is a not-for-profit organization that consists of 26 counties located primarily in North Central and North West Kansas. Sunflower Health Network's (SHN) specific purpose is to improve the health status of the population. The 26 member hospitals, in conjunction with their medical staffs, have developed a network that fosters cooperation and coordination. The priority has been to enhance the integration of health related services among the SHN member communities while respecting local autonomy.

The Sunflower Health Network will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care delivery within the region we serve. This will be accomplished through workforce strategies and education, performance improvement and community health, programs and services, and advocacy.